Critical Technology Reporting Featuring China media

Critical Technology Reporting Featuring China media

Here is a recent news article about Critical Technology Reporting Featuring China media

While this is a short media report the notion is to present that China is a real entity in the space of Critical Technology reporting. Note that the commentary originates from an Australian perspective and is in one analyst’s opinion.

Australian think tank finds Chinese researchers beating Americans in 37 of 44 critical areas (, 2023) across the sectors of defense, space, robotics, energy, environment, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, advanced materials, and quantum technology.

An additional comment provided below provides an alternative viewpoint, that ASPI’s conclusion is misleading.

They suggest that the patent system in China is different allowing reverse engineering to break down production by passing a US-based patent system. (James T. Areddy)

The fact that borrowing tech is happening is not a new revelation. Nor is it how the west protects itself by using ASML pointed out by another commentator.

by Sky News Australia

A report finding China to be leading the world in critical technology is a “wake-up call” for democratic nations to have a strategic step in this area, says AUS Strategic Policy Institute Senior Analyst Doctor Jamie Gaida.

“The technology is not only what enables us to have … powerful smartphones and do online banking, but as you said they also have implications in defense,” Mr. Gaida told Sky News Australia. He said Australia ranks in “the top five” in nine of the 44 technologies.

Rona Goodwell

6 hours ago The study said that Chinese scientific papers resulting in patents (in China) are what is driving ASPI’s conclusion that China is leading the US in tech… etc. This is misleading.

China’s system for creating patents is different than in the US. For one thing many of the patents themselves are based on US tech that has been reverse engineered and then broken down into different production methods that are cheaper and faster to manufacture–not necessarily better.

One piece of “borrowed” tech can result in dozens of patents. If you’re not aware of the process you might be fooled into thinking China is making breakthroughs constantly. They’re not.

Dutch Are The Best

11 hours ago It’s the Dutch chip making company ASML who decides who get the latest technology

The article in WSJ also mentioned this important path

China-born, U.S.-trained scientists are returning to China, The Wall Street Journal has reported.


Sky News Australia YouTube Channel Mar 2, 2023 “China leading world in critical technology…”

China Trumps U.S. in Key Technology Research, Report Says

Today The report, published Thursday by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, puts Chinese researchers ahead of Americans in 37 of 44 technologies examined, across the sectors of defense, space,…

Gary Norman

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